Is multifunctional furniture which easily changes it's form and function. It is a playfull object; assembled, it looks like simple wooden box and by opening each side of cube it gets the new form with its main function.


Theatre is placed in the house of art and culture, in a four-story building. First floor is a lobby with an opportunity to change it face against the purpose (book promotions, announcement of the new play..) There is the entrance for large theater hall with a balcony on the upper floor. Two upper floors are used for an open space gallery. At the last floor is coffee bar and roof terrace. Roof terrace is made as an open cinema.



Gallery is a multifunctional space made for different type of exhibitions. It is placed in the house of art and culture as one of the content. Gallery has two floors as an open space with central stairs in the middle. There are also four separate black rooms for video exhibitions. There is a storage for the peaces that are not currently exhibited.


Apartman has nearly 200m² terrase area. Whole area is divided on different parts to meet tHE needs of 4 member family. Each segment has its own atmosphere achieved with use of different materials and lighting.


An interactive object that alows user to change it's form and play with light and shadows. The upper tube with neon lights are moveble 360. So the light can be directed towards the ceiling, to a place where reading, up, down, left or right.

///TABLE ±8///

Is a table made of 34 wooden slats. By omitting eight wooden slats on one side table gets the space used for storage of newspapers, magazines, currently reading books...


Simple and very suitable for use indoor or outdoor. This rocking chair is made of perforated metal base and with a comfortable colored pad specially designed to fit the chair.


The concept is to get minimalist and clean design look in a small area and to relativized its actual dimensions . It has all necessary facilities for easy living and also, we can say, the luxury. Here, luxury is not about quadrature than the quality of materials and furniture that is packaged in a simple way into the building.